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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Hello from a chilly Cheshire Plain. In this episode I talk about extra spinning, the joy of little hats and saggy knees. We have a listeners' map! Please go on over to pop in a pin - I'd love to see where you all are!

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On the Needles and the Bobbin: Apologies for the lack of pictures, but the decreased levels of light are thwarting me at the moment. I've made Tubey and Waltzer from Wee Woolly Toppers and a couple of Christmas Pudding Hats from Debbie Bliss's Kids Knits for Heads, Hands and Toes. I've spun extra yarn for my handspun Rainbow Liesl, which I will cast on soon. I've also been working on Woolsack cushions, but more on those next time.

Review: Big Girls Knits by Jill Moreno and Amy Singer

Tears: Remember this sweater? Well, it doesn't look like that any more... (photos to follow when I can bring myself too)

Woolly Wormhead;
Fibre & Clay;

Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album TrĂ¥d, available from Magnatune.

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