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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Episode 39: What's In A Name?

Hello from a cold and wintery Cheshire Plain! This episode I share limited progress, explain terminology and hector my listeners.

Thank you for all your entries. We have winners!

Works in Progress

I'm knitting a cushion back (no photos or Ravelry details yet) and I'm still
spinning the Cheviot I got in the Secret Santa on the UK Spinners board on Ravelry from Shunklies (still no pictures but I've found the purple!).
I'm also lusting after Easyknits' Superwash Merino Fluff in Punk colours (sorry, I mispelt it in the show) and can't wait to spin them. Jon's blogpost about them, along with his finished yarn, is here.

Something I Really Like
My conservatory!

Woolsack Update
Please please please consider making a cushion for the Woolsack project. There's a thread over in the Ravlery group waiting for your pictures.

Posh Yarn
The Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook

Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album TrĂ¥d, available from Magnatune.

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  1. Hi! I really enjoyed this episode! I heard you mention you where off to the lakes in half term and thought you might like to know about 2 places you may want to visit - Woolclip in Caldbeck and the Wonder of Wool exhibition at Rheged in Penrith. Both are well worth a visit and have websites. I have also reviewed both on my blog (www.thegingerbreadbunny.blogspot.com) if you want a nosy!! Hope you have a great break!
    Sarah x

  2. Thank you! I'd already earmarked the WoW exhibition, but I didn't rea;lise the Woolclip (behind Woolfest, right?) had a physical place to visit.

    1. They are the people behind Woolfest! It is in Caldbeck (take the next junction after Penrith) in an old watermill called Priests Mill. The shop is amazing with hand spun and dyed wool and needles and patterns and gifts! There is also a gorgeous little cafe above it which do fabulous scones and cream! The rest of Caldbeck is lovely to - well worth a visit!