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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Episode 53: A Postcard From Oxford

Hello from the Plain! The last few weeks have flown by in a whirl of assessments and cushions, so this is just a quick update prior to the Postcard, which was recorded back in April.

Woolsack Update

The first two Listener Cushions are now assembled and stuffed and ready to make their way to London. Thank you all so much!

The first cushion I think is made from a lot of Rowan British Breeds, and includes a square made in the US on the front....

and squares made in Australia on the back...

The second cushion also has some "Made in Oz" squares, this time on the front....

Thanks to all the listeners who contributed!

A Postcard from Oxford

The music in this postcard is from the album The Oxford Ramble and is used with the kind permission of Magpie Lane .

Some photos from the day:

 Magdalen Tower

 Inside Darn It & Stitch

 The dinosaur in a badly-knitted Fair Isle sweater (aka Keble College)

 Another dinosaur - real this time!

Looking down into the Pitt Rivers - it looks a lot darker than this in real life!

The Shrunken Heads in the Pitt Rivers

The Radcliffe Camera

The Bodleian Library

Botanical Gardens  http://www.botanic-garden.ox.ac.uk/  ;
The Grand Cafe  http://www.thegrandcafe.co.uk/ ;
Darn It and Stitch  http://www.darnitandstitch.com/  ;
Oxford Kitchen Yarns  http://www.oxfordkitchenyarns.com/shop/ ;
Oxford University Museum of Natural History   http://www.oum.ox.ac.uk/ ;        
Pitt Rivers Museum  http://www.prm.ox.ac.uk/ ;
Christchurch  http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/ ;   
Ashmolean Museum http://www.ashmolean.org/

Theme Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album TrĂ¥d, available from Magnatune.

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Nic x

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