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Friday, 5 August 2011

Episode 27: Catching Up

Hello AGAIN from the Cheshire Plain! This is the last episode in this marathon catching up session, honest!

We have a listeners' map! Please go on over to pop in a pin - I'd love to see where you all are!

In this episode I talked about various events linked to the Cheshire Spinning Guild (the Ravelry Group for the Guild is here), including the Exhibition at Dunham Massey and the trip to Woolfest. I also mentioned the Wool Experience and the gorgeous ice cream at Blaze Farm.

Here is the Great Wheel in use at Blaze Farm:

I also attended a Woolly Wormhead sideways hat workshop at Fibre & Clay, based on her book Going Straight. My hat needs maybe an hour's more work before it's finished.

And talking of finishing... which of these should I finish first?

1.Posh Yarn Featherweight cardigan
2. Poshman Mittens
3. Stripy Noro Messenger Bag
4. Modern Quilt Wrap
5. Tank Top in Noro Kuryon Sock Yarn
6. Lizard Ridge Afghan
7. Olympic Medal Socks (I'll probably take these on holiday anyway)
8. Pondemonium child's stranded sweater
9. Best of Both Whirls Cushion
10. Double Vision Cushion
11. Hipknits Silk Aran Fair Isle Cardigan

So leave me a message here, drop me an email or post in the Ravelry forum!

And finally.... which is THE yarn shop to visit in San Francisco?

Music: Rondopolska by Barry Philips, from the album TrĂ¥d, available from Magnatune.

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  1. Definately the posh yarn featherweight cardigan, I need to make one of these.